About Us

We are a UK-based podcast based on the pop culture of the 80s, 90s, 00s and modern day. We create two unique podcasts:

What’s Wrong with Wolfie?

Our main podcast, released fortnightly, is based on the films, TV shows and video games from the 80s, 90s & 00s. At the end of each episode we give a rating (out of forty) to the featured piece with the hope of building a league of legends over time!

Series One
For series one of What’s Wrong with Wolfie? we covered the 1990s one year at a time covering some of its finest media, reminiscing over the delights held within through our own personal memories.

Prepare to Fast Forward

Prepare to Fast Forward is our chance to fast forward from the past to the present to discuss what we have been enjoying in the now from films, TV and games and include a  feature in each episode based on current news or events from these worlds.

Written Content

We wanted to create a space on the website for us to write about some of the more important parts of these worlds on. We split the articles into its respective groups depending on what they are based on. All retro pieces land under the What’s Wrong with Wolfie? banner while written pieces and game reviews land under our modern day podcast title Prepare to Fast Forward.

The Guest List

We want to shout out every single amazing person that has been kind enough to share some of their time with us on the podcast. Big claps to everyone on our very exclusive guest list:

Meet the What's Wrong With Wolfie? Crew

Jason Baigent

Jason has very fond memories of the 1990s, and the decade has a special place in his heart. Jason's favourite 90s show is Men Behaving Badly, and his favourite film is The Matrix. Jason started playing video games right at the end of the 1980s, starting with his brother's Spectrum before moving on to his first home console, the Sega Master System II.

Although Jason spent a few years co-hosting the podcast Uttabull with his close friend Liam, What’s Wrong with Wolfie? is the first time he has hosted and edited a podcast, and he is relishing the challenge.

Jason is now dipping his toes into writing and has published game reviews for The Cross Players and for this very website.

You can also find Jason on the podcast ‘Dreamcast Years'

Richard Elsey

Rich can be credited with creating all the wonderful episode art and for coming up with the name of the podcast.

Rich is also a big Dreamcast nut, a craft beer enthusiast, and a lapsed wrestling fan.

You can also find him on the podcasts ‘Dreamcast Years’ and 'The DC Junkyard'

Chris with a fragile sticker on his forehead

Chris Hughes

This is Chris’s first time ever as a podcaster, and it doesn’t seem to show. He has a vast knowledge database in his head that seems to retain every fascinating fact about pretty much everything 90s-based!

A keen fan of Ghostbusters, Dr. Who, Star Trek, and James Bond, Chris also loves a good art book, and Jason's library has grown massively because of this, which his wife is not too pleased about!

Living on the Isle of Wight doesn't include many pleasures, so go and say hi to Chris and tell him which 90s franchise you love!

Steve Leyland

Steve is a veteran podcaster, gaining experience from many previous podcasts, including Dreamcast Years. 

Movies, video games, and TV shows old and new are Steve’s passions, but he can also classify himself as a cat lover, owning a gorgeous cat named Smokey!

You can’t find Steve on social media, so if you want to contact him, send us an email!