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Anaconda Vs Lake Placid

We try out something slightly new for us as we pit two films against each other through five categories. Plot, cast, writing, action and our verdict scores will help in deciding which of these films is the better one. How do we decide? Well, by each of us giving a point to the film we think did the better job in each of those categories.

It was a rocky road getting to the end of this though as we were plagued by many challenges throughout the recording. You may notice a dip in audio quality as the software we used did not record the entirety in the separate tracks. This meant that we had to use the mixed single track and this resulted in a lower quality.

But please don't let that put you off, as you will still be able to hear us well, we just couldn't remove some background noise and some very small sections of echo. We apologise for this and we will be back using our regular service next time.

♪ Music Clips ♫

Taken from the Anaconda Soundtrack by Randy Edelman

  • Anaconda Main Theme
  • The Totems Sacred Ground

Taken From the Lake Placid Soundtrack by John Ottman

  • Lake Placid Main Theme
  • Reluctant Passengers

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