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We are a UK-based podcast all about the amazing decade that was the 1990s. Join Jason, Rich, and Chris on a fortnightly basis as we go through this glorious decade one year at a time. We dedicate four episodes to each year, based on the movies, TV show’s and video games of the time, with a discusses episode at the end of each year giving us the chance to dive into something in greater length. We aim to cover the whole decade from start to finish with our own personal memories.

Some of our recent guests include Mr Biffo, Chris Scullion, Dave Bulmer (from Sonic the Comic podcast)  Retro Faith, and Dominik Diamond!

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We also create a monthly podcast based on modern-day pop culture which is called Prepare to Fast Forward. Not only does this give us a chance to talk about up-to-date issues, but it also gives us the chance to write about modern video games and more. Look out for new written content on this and retro content on the website soon.

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Prepare to Fast Forwatd | Episode 3

Welcome to episode three of Prepare to Fast Forward! Our chance to leave the past behind us and chat modern day pop culture. 

We welcome back to the pod, Jason & Rich's former Dreamcast Years co host Steve! And not only is he here for this episode, but he will be joining the Wolfie crew permanently from the start of season two!!! 

This time around we discuss Sonic Frontiers, Andor,  all the weird but exciting news that has recently fallen from the world of Dr Who and Jason reviews Nostalgia Nerd's latest book Gadgets, Gizmo's and Gimmicks, plus the new roughlite from Team 17 Bravery & Greed!

Also in this episode - Jason gets picked on while he tries to do his first ever book review, Chris is still on his crappy mic thanks to the issues with the Royal Mail we are currently experiencing and Rich comes up with a new name for The Book of Boba Fett.

Music clips used in this episode:

Cyberspace 1-5: Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic Frontiers

Dancing Across Space and Time from series thirteen of Dr Who

Intro/outro music created by Jerden Cooke Find him on Twitter 

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