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A Conversation with Scott Martin Brooks (Dookie from the Wassup Budweiser Commercials)

We were delighted to welcome to The Wolfie Pod, Mr Scott Martin Brooks who is well known for playing Dookie in the wassup Budweiser commercials.

We find out about his days as an owner of a video rental store in Philadelphia, how he became involved in the Budweiser commercials and what it was like living through the aftermath of the commercials airing. We also found time to chat about some of Scott's favourite film and tv shows including the 1978 Superman film.

AUDIO WARNING: Although Scott's audio for the main part was excellent, we did encounter some distortion in places. We have done what we can to soften them but have not been able to eradicate them completely. You are still in for a great time, but we just wanted to let you know before you jumped into the podcast. Many thanks to Scott for his time, it was greatly appreciated! Podcast Links 

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