Prepare to Fast Forward is our new podcast where we get our chance to discuss modern day pop culture.

We plan to release a new episode every month on our What’s Wrong with Wolfie? feed and episode one is out now! On our maiden voyage we discuss what we have been watching recently including The Sandman, the new predator film Prey and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. We also share our thoughts on the Warner Bros Discovery fiasco! Please give it a listen and let us know what you think either through our socials, email or the feedback form. All can be found on the website.

But, not only does this give us the chance to talk about up to date stuff, but it also gives us a chance to write about more modern TV, films or video games. We are very excited about this project, but of course the retro scene is still very important to us, so going forward Prepare to Fast Forward will not be replacing any What’s Wrong with Wolfie? Podcasts, but will be an extra episode in the rotation. See you in the now or indeed in the past!